Primeaux Youvella lets do this!


Andrea Harper I already like it though! I would like it a thousand more times if I could!


Clementine Garcia Awesome....I'm so excited!!

Abrian Marquez Hell yea! I thank you sooooo much :D can't wait


Trina Torrez I'm ready I'm ready (spongebob voice)!!!!

Deidra Hillis Wolf I so wanna go :)


Ashley Martinez Well this is gonna be my first year in Albuquerque for Halloween an i sooo wanna go to this haunted house bet its way better than the one where im frm


Joe Gurule That came out sick!

Janisa Casillas You got some great actors. Xcited to see the finished product!

History & Ghost Tours of Old Town, Albuquerque sweeet!!


Mike Taylor I'm beyond stoked right now!


Darren Guido

This looks like it's going to be awesome! Where is it going to be at so I can start spreading the word?


Victoria Would you guys are rockin it hard! super impressed!!!!!!!!!!!


Bianca Sonja Eva Brewster Babe, we have to go!!!!!


Chris Medina

dam so excited to check out what you guys got planed for this year i bet it will be scarier then last years. everyone i suggest u check it out it will make you run for your life.I volunteered last year was the best experience i had although i knew what was already ganna happen i was terrified

Gabriel Martinez

my wife cant stop talking about this haunted house. I cant wait to check it out!!!!!! Totally Stoked!!!! 8)


Genie Castillo-Martinez ยท

This is the place I have been telling everyone about- For those who know me I have been to many haunted houses here in the 505 and am excited about this one- LIKE an SHARE with friends and support your local haunted houses :D



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